Today’s Sermon: Restore One Another

Speaker: Andrew Rogers

Scripture:Galatians 6:1-2

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Hillary Thanks Conservative Voters Who Stay Home in November

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Still Think Illegals Can’t Take YOUR Job? Illegal Alien Nurses (And Other Professions) Can Now Get Licensed to Work

VDARE (BY BRENDA WALKER) — The Once-Golden State is arguably the leader for supplying rights and benefits to foreign invaders who have no right to them. As such, Americans should look west to see what open-borders liberals are planning for the rest of the country.

The latest is a threat to health and safety, because Democrat-ruled California wants illegal aliens to be able to work even though federal law prohibits it. Being lawyers, the D-legislators figured out a work-around, namely SB1159, that was signed into law last year and covers quite a few occupations that require licensing:

    Many professions fall under the California Department of Consumer Affairs licensing boards: accountants, acupuncturists, architects, mechanics, barbers and cosmetologists, nurses, veterinarians, appraisers, therapists, boxers, funeral directors, chiropractors, contractors, court reporters, dental hygienists, dentists, engineers, landscape architects, doctors, occupational therapists, optometrists, pharmacists, physical therapists, podiatrists, psychologists, real estate agents and appraisers, speech language pathologists.

Federal law prohibits the hiring of illegal aliens, but when a major state enables unlawful foreigners to work in the professions, that’s fine in today’s America, apparently.

Today’s report notes that 3000 illegals residing in California have already applied for state licenses to work legally, so the number is consequential.

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Inspector General: Obama Sends Hundreds of Millions to ‘Sanctuary Cities’

WASHINGTON EXAMINER — Obama’s Justice Department has coughed up hundreds of millions of dollars to so-called “sanctuary cities” that refuse federal demands for criminal illegal immigrants sought for deportation, according to a new inspector general memo.

In just 10 of 155 jurisdictions reviewed, taxpayers handed over $342.1 million in Justice grants to the law-breaking cities and states that have policies barring jails and police from cooperating with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The IG said that is 63 percent of the funds available to all American cities.

The memo is likely to stir up the issue of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities in the presidential campaign.

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton has voiced support for the sanctuary effort in which state and local officials in mostly urban areas choose to harbor illegals with criminal records rather than comply with ICE requests to turn them over or even identify their immigration status. Donald Trump has called for an end to the practice.

The issue jumped painfully into public view in 2015 when a criminal illegal protected by long-time sanctuary city San Francisco killed a tourist, Kate Steinle.

That slaying prompted Congress to write “Kate’s Law” barring Justice funds to sanctuary cities, but Senate Democrats blocked it. Nonetheless, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, under pressure from Texas Rep. John Culberson, chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee that oversees Justice funding, recently moved to stop funding to the jurisdictions.

There are thousands of illegal aliens charged and convicted of crimes but still roaming U.S. streets. ICE figures show that in fiscal 2015, the agency encountered 152,393 illegal immigrants labeled a criminal threat, mostly in jails, but charged 64,116. About another 88,000 were not processed for deportation and released.

Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz’s memo said that “over 140 state and local jurisdictions” may be receiving Office of Justice Program and Office of Violence Against Women grants, despite a law that demands grant-recipients cooperate with ICE. The Center for Immigration Studies has posted a map of over 300 sanctuary jurisdictions.

Jessica Vaughan, the CIS policy director who compiled the map, told Secrets, “It’s very concerning that the Department of Justice is allowing at least 10 jurisdictions that are clearly in violation of federal law to suck up nearly two-thirds of all the federal money available to help local law enforcement. The Justice Department should be prosecuting these jurisdictions, not writing them checks.”

Typically the system works this way: ICE learns that an illegal criminal they want is being held. They ask the local law enforcement to detain the illegal until ICE officers can pick them up. In sanctuary cities, those requests are ignored.

The IG said that some cities go further, barring officers from even asking the immigration status of those arrested, thwarting any effort to find illegals.

He said that any local law barring cooperation violates Section 1373 of the federal code that bars governments from refusing to cooperate on immigration issues.

Read the IG’s memo here.

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Bipartisan Legislation Introduced to Fix American Job-Killing Visa Mess

CAPS — U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ) introduced a long overdue bill to close the multiple loopholes in the H-1B and L-1 visas. Called the H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act, the legislation would protect U.S. workers and crack down on foreign outsourcing companies’ abuses that deprive qualified Americans from gaining employment and getting high-paying jobs. U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) is a co-sponsor.
New bill would give Americans a fair chance at good jobs.

In his press release, Pascrell wrote that America produces many talented high-tech professionals who, because of an abundant oversupply of foreign-born H-1B visa workers, cannot find or keep good jobs. Unscrupulous employers also victimize the visa holders. Pascrell called American worker displacement and overseas worker mistreatment “unacceptable.” That’s an understatement.

The new bill’s provisions include a ban on hiring H-1B employees if corporations employ more than 50 people, and more than half of their existing employees are H-1B or L-1 visa holders. Another condition in Pascrell’s legislation is that visa holders be provided with a list of their employment rights before they enter the U.S. so that they’re better protected against mistreatment or underpayment of wages.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) endorsed the H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act. IEEE President Peter Eckstein wrote that “Reports of Americans being fired and replaced by non-Americans, who will never be invited to become Americans, can no longer be dismissed as mere ‘anecdotes.’ Rather, outsourcing companies dominate the H-1B and L-1 programs, annually costing America tens of thousands of good, middle-class jobs,” a conclusion that Californians for Population Stabilization has repeatedly agreed with.

Seeing a Democrat like Pascrell, who has an “F” current and career grade from NumbersUSA, is a sign that he’s joined the legions of Americans that, as AFL-CIO Government Affairs Department Director William Samuel said in his endorsement, “… are deeply committed to ensuring program reforms that support the rights and interests of all workers in these industries.”




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California Risks $135M in Federal Grants Over ‘Sanctuary City’ Policy

FOX NEWS– California state and local law enforcement agencies may have to choose between more than $100 million in federal aid and the “sanctuary city” immigration policies that supporters say are humane, but critics say fuel crime.

The policies, whether in writing or just in practice, preclude local law enforcement from working with federal authorities when they catch an illegal immigrant who by law faces deportation. The laws have sparked a national controversy in the wake of dozens of murders and other violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants who local law enforcement did not report to the Department of Homeland Security.

Republicans in Congress, saying such non-cooperation is illegal, forced the Department of Justice to condition grants on compliance. For California, which enacted the California Trust Act, that could mean as much as $135 million in grants will be withheld.

“This irresponsible legislation has already caused the release of thousands of criminals that U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement was trying to deport,” said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Washington DC-based Center for Immigration Studies. “Now it may also cost California police and sheriffs critical funding from the federal government. Last year, these grants were worth more than $130 million.”

Vaughan said that she suspects, at least in California where this has been a contentious issue, many sheriffs and police departments are going to have to notify the state government that the Trust Act puts them in an extremely difficult position.

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Philadelphia Denies Sanctuary City Status, but Justice Department Says Otherwise

WASHINGTON TIMES — PHILADELPHIA — The city of Philadelphia insists it’s not a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, but a Justice Department report says otherwise — and now the city that just hosted the Democratic National Convention is in danger of losing millions of dollars in federal funding for breaking the law.

The Justice inspector general said the number of sanctuary cities has exploded over the past 10 years, and the overall level of police cooperation with federal immigration authorities has deteriorated.

In some situations, the federal government is paying for illegal immigrants to be kept in local prisons or jails, but then the locals refuse to turn over the detainees when agents come to deport them, the inspector general detailed in the report, made public Thursday.

Investigators looked at 10 top jurisdictions and found that each of them had laws or ordinances that blocked cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, contradicting the clear terms of federal law.

Perhaps most stunning of all was New Orleans, where the Justice Department this year pushed police to adopt a policy limiting cooperation with ICE. The Justice Department’s own watchdog said that policy likely violates federal law.

“The findings are pretty clear — these are sanctuaries and they are violating federal law,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies. “They should change their policies before more people get killed, and if they don’t, they should be debarred from DOJ grants.”

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Faux War Hero McCain Continues Push for Amnesty

FNL — Tucson – Arizona’s Republican Sen. John McCain does not dismiss the possibility that in 2017 the Senate will will again move forward with the immigration reform bill that in 2013 was left bogged down in the lower house with its conservative majority.

“Sooner or later, depending on the results of the election, we’ll have to take up that subject again,” McCain, whose popularity has declined and who faces a hard time getting reelected, told EFE in an interview.

“You’ve seen what I have done,” the war veteran said about how he helped get “the immigration plan passed that the eight of us put together in the Senate.”

In 2013, eight senators from both parties, including McCain, got an immigration reform bill passed that subsequently went nowhere in the House of Representatives, because then-Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, refused to bring it to a vote.

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Vaginal Politics

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Hedge Funds Overwhelmingly Back Clinton: A Red Flag for the Rest of Us




VDARE (BY PATRICK CLEBURNE) — Today The Wall Street Journal reported Hedge-Fund Money: $48.5 Million for Hillary Clinton, $19,000 for Donald Trump by John Carney and Anupreeta Das July 29 2016. This says

The top five contributors to pro-Clinton groups are employees or owners of private investment funds, according to federal data released last week and compiled by, the center’s website. The data show seven financial firms alone have generated nearly $48.5 million for groups working on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf.

The total for Donald Trump: About $19,000.

The story notes that Trump, having self-financed his campaign for the nomination, has only recently displayed interest in financial help for the General Election. But more importantly it also notes:

In the 2008 campaign, hedge funds contributed just $14 million to Democratic candidates and groups…. to many on Wall Street, the Democrat in this election is the safer bet.

Personalities backing Clinton include



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American Veteran News 07.30.16

HOW ‘THE FRACTURED REPUBLIC’ HELPS US UNDERSTAND THE VETERANS AFFAIRS SCANDAL — FEDERALIST — Since the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs first broke in 2014—leading to the resignation of then-VA Secretary Eric Shinseki—a public debate has been simmering over what, exactly, should be done to fix the VA.

This debate is fundamentally a good thing. In a political system such as ours, debate is crucially important to addressing problems, and few problems are so grave and morally meaningful to a national community as how its veterans are treated. Policy details matter, and most participants in the debate are sincere in their positions and seeking to do right by veterans.

But sometimes we can become so engrossed in the details that we forget the bigger picture. In light of this, it might be useful to try to see how the debates over VA reform fit into the larger context of American social and political life in the twenty-first century.

In his new book, “The Fractured Republic: Renewing America’s Social Contract in an Age of Individualism,” political scientist Yuval Levin, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, lays out a fairly comprehensive political-cultural history of the twentieth century. While Levin does not address VA issues specifically, understanding this history and applying his analysis will help people understand how we got to where we are on a range of cultural and political issues, including the debates that swirl around VA reform proposals.

The Age of Consolidation

The twentieth century dawned with a political movement known as progressivism. The aim of the movement was, ostensibly, to lead the American republic into modernity, “progressing” past what they considered to be the outmoded constraints and institutions of the Constitution of 1787. This progress effectively consolidated power at the federal level—progressives believed the complexities of the modern world could no longer abide the inherently dispersed nature of federalism and checks and balances.

Rather, they aimed to unify the country by first undermining the authority of a range of sub-federal institutions, including state and local governments and so-called “civil society” institutions, such as churches, local schools, local communities, fraternal organizations—that is, those organizations which comprise, as Levin puts it, the “middle layers of society” between the state and the individual—and second, by elevating the executive over the other branches of the federal government to streamline its function.

World War II further served to unify and consolidate power at the federal level. This consolidation of political power also led to a cultural consolidation—what Levin refers to as “The Age of Conformity.” This is essentially the stereotypical image of the 1950s: conformist and simple, the product of a mass-produced culture. This is ironic in some ways: the “conservatism” of the 1950s was, in no small part, the product of the consolidation wrought by the Progressive Era.

This consolidation led to a certain confidence in technocratic governance, with government experts effectively and efficiently administering a range of social programs for the entire nation. During this time the VA hospital system as it currently exists was developed. To be sure, its roots go much further back, and can be traced to the very early colonial period. But Congress birthed the VA in its current form in 1921, creating the Veterans Bureau and consolidating all of the various veterans programs that had been established following World War I. In 1930, the bureau was transformed into an administration until 1989, when it became a cabinet-level department.

CAMP LEJEUNE VETS ELIGIBLE FOR BENEFITS — WALTERBORO LIVE — From the 1950s through the 1980s, people living or working at the U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., were potentially exposed to drinking water contaminated with industrial solvents, benzene and other chemicals.

You may be eligible for VA health benefits if you served on active duty or have family members who resided at Camp Lejeune for 30 days or more between Aug. 1, 1953 and Dec. 31, 1987.

Veterans who are determined to be eligible will be able to receive VA health care for 15 qualifying health conditions at no cost to the veteran (including copayments).

VA is also reimbursing family members for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses related to the 15 covered conditions. VA can only pay for treatment after you have received payment from all your other health plans.

15 Qualifying health conditions include:

    Esophageal cancer
    Breast cancer
    Kidney cancer
    Multiple myeloma
    Renal toxicity
    Female infertility
    Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
    Lung cancer
    Bladder cancer
    Myelodysplastic syndromes
    Hepatic steatosis
    Neurobehavioral effects

Veterans must file a claim for disability compensation for health problems they believe are related to exposure to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. The Department of Veterans Affairs will decide these claims on a case-by-case basis. If you were previously denied, you may file for a re-evaluation.

Enrollment is required to receive VA health care. Contact the Veterans Affairs Office to enroll. You may also apply online at or call 1-877-222-8387 for assistance.

The Colleton County Veterans Affairs Office is located in the Bernard Warshaw Complex at 219 South Lemacks Street, Suite 124, Walterboro. If you wish to file a claim for benefits or need other assistance regarding VA benefits, please stop in or call 843 549-1412 to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to assist you.

(Janet D. Smith is the director of the Colleton County Veterans Affairs Office.)


Fearing the Department of Veterans Affairs would deny his claim, a disabled Pittsville Gulf War veteran avoided going to his nearest emergency department during a recent medical scare.

“My pillow was covered in blood,” said Jerry Zehrung, who has lived with a constant infection risk since having his hip resurfaced eight years ago.

“My wife looks at me and she’s panicked,” Zehrung said. “Her first instinct was, ‘let’s get you to the emergency room’ and my first instinct was ‘who’s going to pay the bill?’”

NewsChannel 7 Investigates discovered a VA executive admitted there are a large number of denied veterans’ emergency treatment claims.

In February, VA Assistant Deputy Undersecretary for Health for Community Care, Dr. Baligh Yahia testified before a Veterans’ Affairs subcommittee. Yahia told members of Congress that during the 2014 budget year approximately 30 percent of the 2.9 million emergency claims filed with the VA were denied.

Of those 870,000 denied claims, 7,000 came from Wisconsin veterans, according to a VA representative who confirmed the number with NewsChannel 7 Investigates.

Yahia broke down the denied claims during his February testimony. He said:
• 89,000 were late
• another 98,000 were not emergencies
• 140,000 were denied because a VA facility was determined to have been available
• 320,000 more claims were denied because the veteran was determined to have other health insurance that should have paid for the care.

In total, about one-out-of-every-three veterans’ emergency claims were denied during the 2014 budget year.


That was the theme Thursday at U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta’s district office on Church Street in Hazleton, Pa. where the Congressman congregated with veterans and families who were long overdue for some earned recognition.

“It’s such a great honor for us to give these veterans their recognition with these citations and medals,” he began. “We always put our veterans first. They are the real American heroes and without them we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have today.”

Barletta presented the medals to three local Pa. veterans: Myron M. Diehl Jr. of Hazleton, Pa.; James N. Richert of West Hazleton, Pa.; and the late Kenneth H. Wenner of White Haven, Pa. Their families took part in the medal ceremony.

Diehl served in the U.S. Navy during the Cuban Missile Blockade of 1962 aboard the USS Peterson. He was awarded the Navy Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and the Navy Expeditionary Medal.

“I feel pretty proud,” he said. “Very proud to have served my country.”

Richert, a U.S. Air Force veteran from 1971 to 1974, served in the 56th Security Police Squadron at Nakhon Phanon Royal Thai Air Force Base.

I feel pretty honored, even 42 years later,” Richert said. “I saw many places during my service, from Texas, to North Dakota, Thailand and beyond. It was a real education, all of the different cultures.”

MILLION VETERAN PROGRAM RESEARCH WILL CHANGE THE WAY WE STUDY TROOPS’ HEALTH — T&P — VA’s Million Veteran Program will build one of the world’s largest medical databases by safely collecting blood samples and health information from 1 million volunteers.

A quick and easy blood donation can help pave the way to better healthcare for veterans — and also provide answers to complex medical questions — through a new gene study program conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Million Veteran Program, which launched in 2011, is a national, voluntary research study by the Department of Veterans Affairs to research what kinds of roles genes play in overall health. The program is a part of the White House Precision Medicine Initiative, and aims to help the VA better understand diseases (such as cancer and diabetes) that impact those who have served. According to Dr. John Concato, one of two principal investigators for the MVP, the project may be able to expedite the science of customizing disease prevention and treatment to individual patients and illnesses.

“Conducting research to improve health care is not new to VA. For example, the first antibiotic treatment for tuberculosis was developed and tested by VA in the late 1940s,” Concato wrote in a VA blog post. “That program has since completed more than 175 studies evaluating risk factors or treatments for heart disease, cancer, mental health, and many other disorders.”

FAMILY SEEKS ANSWERS IN ARMY VET’S OVERDOSE DEATH — JOURNAL SENTINEL — Last fall, Cole Schuler, a 26-year-old former U.S. Army Ranger from the Fox Valley, checked himself into the inpatient drug rehabilitation unit of the Clement J. Zablocki Veterans Affairs facility in Milwaukee.

He was trying to kick an addiction to opioids. Instead, 11 days into his stay, he died of a heroin overdose at the center.

“There was just a lot of shock and anger,” said Schuler’s older brother, Wyatt. “We thought he was somewhere safe. It was like, ‘How does that even happen?'”

Questions continue to swirl over Schuler’s death. The overdose is being investigated by the VA, local law enforcement and the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office, according to a letter sent last month by U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin to the top official at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The VA Office of Inspector General is also investigating Schuler’s death and related procedures.

VANDALS DEFACE WINTHROP LUNCH WAGON THAT BENEFITS VETERANS — CENTRAL MAINE — WINTHROP — The mobile lunch wagon that is usually parked across from American Legion Post 40 and next to the town beach was vandalized late Wednesday night, say volunteers who run the small canteen and spend its proceeds on efforts supporting local veterans.

When Tina Bowden, one the facility’s managers, arrived at the wagon Thursday morning, she found that vandals had come at some point during the previous night and used human feces to write a crude message on the wagon, she said.

The words “Serving all veterans of all wars” are already painted on the front of the lunch wagon, but Bowden said the vandals used feces to write an expletive before “veterans” and the words “you die” after it.

The vandals also left trash lying around the wagon, tampered with a picnic table that sits next to it and unplugged the extension cord that provides the wagon’s electricity, leaving more than $100 worth of frozen and refrigerated food to spoil over the next few hours, Bowden added.

On Friday morning, Bowden and John Brennan, a Gulf War veteran who also oversees the lunch wagon, were both still appalled by the scene they encountered a day earlier.

“It’s taking from the veterans that angers me,” said Bowden. “They wrote with feces on there. That’s very disrespectful.”

TRUMP WANTS PRIVATE HEALTH CARE FOR VETERANS — GAZETTE — In his first 100 days as president, Republican nominee Donald Trump says he’d open private hospitals to veterans frustrated by long wait times at Veterans Affairs hospitals, and he’d support a first-in-the-nation test program in Colorado Springs that pays for vets to receive private health care.

“I like that idea,” Trump told members of The Gazette’s editorial board Friday. “We’re going to have people sent to local doctors and local hospitals who are just dying for work. And we’re going to have them taken care of and we’re going to pay the bill, and it will be a lot cheaper than what’s happening now.”

Trump said he would immediately hire better managers for the Department of Veterans Affairs if he were elected.

“The Veterans Administration is a total disaster,” he said. Using one of the trademark lines from his reality TV show, Trump said “I’d fire them (current managers) and say ‘sue me.'”

PA. VETS CREATE PROJECT TO HELP PHILADELPHIA’S HOMELESS — S&S — Joe Prete, who grew up in Norristown, Pa. spent much of the years 2006 to 2014 as an Army infantryman in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, he’s a home contractor and has applied to become a police officer in his hometown.

His friend Markus Ismael spent five years in the Air Force in the 1990s, and now works in technology services at the Hill School in Pottstown, Pa.

Prete, 29, and Ismael, 45, met on Facebook, drawn together by their military service and their participation in a 12-hour endurance event based on experiences of Special Forces soldiers.

Their latest mission is far different from any that either veteran has undertaken before.

$1 MILLION GRANT FROM WELLS FARGO FOR FINANCIAL CAPABILITY PROGRAM BENEFITING VETERANS — DIVERSITY INC — Washington, DC – July 28, 2016 –Wells Fargo & Company has donated $1 million to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC®) to help support the Sharpen Your Financial Focus® (Sharpen) initiative. Through the Sharpen program, consumers are able to address their primary financial challenges and set a path toward their financial goals through targeted education and counseling. The grant will focus on financial education for military servicemembers and veterans. The program consists of the following:

MyMoneyCheckUp® is an online self-assessment. Available in English and Spanish, it helps increase a client’s awareness of their own financial activities and overall financial health, and provides ways to help.

Customized One-on-One Financial Reviews take place with an NFCC Certified Credit Counselor. These sessions are intended to help clients establish goals and a personalized action plan.

COMPUTER CODING SCHOLARSHIPS FOR VETERANS — DISABLED WORLD — The demand for professional computer coders continues to grow and the U.S. Department of Labor predicts that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million coding jobs available in the American workforce. To enable U.S. veterans to tap into this pipeline of opportunity, LaSalle Computer Learning Center in Tampa is offering full scholarships to its Web Application Development Diploma Program, which teaches how to code.

With a focus on Microsoft, the program offers a diverse and comprehensive coursework that includes learning introduction to programming concepts, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Studio .NET, SQL Server, among other topics. It is five months in duration starting in September 2016. The deadline to apply for the scholarships is August 31.

This comprehensive program will cover what local area employers are looking for Junior .NET Web Application Developers.

“Military families and veterans have been an important part of the Tampa Bay community’s fabric for many decades contributing to its strength, diversity and vibrancy,” said LaSalle’s Associate Director and Military Liaison, Kasandra Perez. “We want to give back to the many men and women who have served and continue to serve our community and our nation by helping them develop a highly coveted, in demand skill for the current job market.”

VETS AND SERVICE MEMBERS CAN ATTEND THESE 11 MAJOR EVENTS FOR FREE IN AUGUST — T&P — Vet Tix has tickets to 11 major events around the US in August for veterans, service members, and their families.

Want to go to a major league baseball game? How about a country music concert? What about taking your kids to a monster truck show? Do you want to go for free?

Every week, in cities across the United States, tens of thousands of tickets are available to veterans, service members, and family members of those killed in action, enabling them go to major sports games, touring concerts, and a whole host of other ticketed events. And all the tickets are free, except for a very small delivery fee.

The opportunity exists because of our commitment at the Veteran Tickets Foundation, Vet Tix, to help put veterans and service members (including Reserve and Guard) in empty seats at games and events across the nation.

YOUNGSTER’S MISSION IS TO PAY RESPECTS AT VETERANS’ GRAVES — JEFFERSON PUBLIC RADIO — A lot of 10-year-old kids spend their free time watching television and playing video games. But Preston Sharp spends most of his in cemeteries. Every Sunday since last November, Preston and his mother have made a trip to Redding Memorial Park to show appreciation — not only for their own family’s veteran, but for all of the military veterans laid to rest there.

JPR’s Victoria Reed got a first-hand look at Preston’s determination to honor the sacrifices that members of the military have made for their country

I’m standing at McDonald’s Chapel in Redding Memorial Park, where pairs of American flags and red carnations stand out against hundreds of headstones across the cemetery’s green lawn. At 9:30 a.m. the sun is shining brightly and it’s already 90 degrees. But that doesn’t bother 10-year-old Preston Sharp, who’s out here at least once a week, rain or shine, to honor veteran’s graves.

Preston got the idea to do this after last Veteran’s Day, when he visited his grandfather George Sharp’s grave and noticed that there weren’t any flowers or flags on the graves of other veterans. This bothered Preston. His mother, April Sharp, shares what he said to her.

WORLD WAR II EPIC TELLS STORY OF LEGENDARY ARMY MEDIC — T&P — The trailer for “Hacksaw Ridge” a new film by Mel Gibson, tells the story of Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector who was awarded the Medal of Honor.

A new trailer for the World War II film “Hacksaw Ridge” follows the story of an unlikely hero Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector who served as a medic in the Army and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his incredible bravery and selflessness.

The film is directed by Mel Gibson and the trailer has the flash and action you’d expect from the director of “We Were Soldiers.” In the opening scenes, bodies cartwheel through the air, and while the battlefield effects come across a bit showy, it’s the story of Desmond Doss that’s likely to be the most intriguing and compelling part of the movie. After all, here’s a man who braved hell on earth to save his fellow soldiers, and he did it without a weapon.

Played by Andrew Garfield in the film, the real Doss was a devout Seventh Day Adventist. The film seems likely to focus on his spirituality and how it meshed (or didn’t) with military life. Doss refused to carry a weapon, work or train on Saturdays, and didn’t eat meat. Even in the face of harassment from his squadmates, and his commanding officer’s attempts to get him booted from the Army, Doss stayed true to his beliefs.

10 THINGS TO BRING TO A JOB INTERVIEW — MILCOM — You got the call — you have an in person interview! Perhaps you’ve had a phone interview first, where you shared highlights of your background, experience, and skills with a recruiter at the company. Likely, you also helped them understand how your career in the military uniquely qualifies you for the job you are pursuing.

Now comes the in person interview, where your appearance, words, body language and materials will be evaluated in addition to your background. Prior to the interview, review your research (on the company, industry and interviewer), gather directions to the meeting, and be sure to keep the phone number of the person you’ll be meeting with close by. When you get to the interview, leave your research notes, phone numbers, and directions in the car.

To ensure the best success at a job interview, be sure to bring these things with you:


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4 Firearm Related Videos

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8 Survival & Emergency Preparedness Videos

One Old Vet does not represent or endorse the accuracy, suitability, and or reliability of any information’s, content, videos or advertisements contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from any of the services contained on this website, nor the quality of any products, advice, representation, information or any other material relied upon, displayed, purchased, used, or obtained by you as a result of an advertisement or any other information’s or offer in or in connection with the services herein.

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Four of Five Criminals Acquire Guns Illegally

BREITBART — A study conducted by the Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health shows that four out of five criminals acquire their guns illegally, while one out of five acquires them through legal means, prior to building up a criminal record.

The Washington Post published the study, which looked at guns recovered from Pittsburgh crime scenes in 2008 and found that “in approximately 8 out of 10 cases, the perpetrator was not a lawful gun owner but rather in illegal possession of a weapon that belonged to someone else.”

Roughly one out of five guns, 18 percent, were used in crimes by the people who actually purchased them. This latter group would consist of people with criminal intent but no criminal record to prevent them from passing a background check. Such people have legally acquired weapons, then killed innocents at Virginia Tech University (2007), Fort Hood (2009), Aurora movie theater (2012), DC Navy Yard (2013), Fort Hood (2014), Chattanooga (20105), Umpqua Community College (2015), Orlando (2016), among others.

In August 2015, the University of Chicago Crime Lab released a similar study that looked at criminal acquisition of firearms in Chicago. As with the Pittsburgh study, researchers found that criminals in Chicago get their guns in ways that are hardest to detect. According to the Chicago Sun Times, crime lab co-director Harold Pollack said, “Some of the pathways [regarding guns] people are concerned about don’t seem so dominant.” He also said very few individuals jailed on gun charges indicated using gun shows or the Internet to acquire firearms. Rather, they get the guns in undetectable ways on the street. Pollack added that the inmates know they run the risk of being caught by police but “were less concerned about getting caught by the cops than being put in the position of not having a gun to defend themselves and then getting shot.”





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Mexico Government Is Administering Violence to Eliminate People From Their Land

SIN EMBARGO — Bishop Raul Vera and activist and poet Javier Sicilia say that the Mexican Government is not looking into a case where 300 people disappeared in broad daylight in Allende, Coahuila. Nor are they investigating the crematorium in a Piedras Negras prison [where allegedly the bodies were burned] because the Government is upholding a strategy of violence in collaboration with organized crime to suppress the people and expel them from their own land. The State seeks to “hide” their crimes and render them invisible, the two say.

Raul Vera, Bishop of Saltillo says the government is employing a strategy, in conjunction with organized crime, to remove people from their land, in order to gain natural resources

In an interview with SinEmbargo, Raul Vera, Bishop of Saltillo, said the Allende Massacre and the Piedras Negras prison crematorium; the missing persons cases of Ayotzinapa, Veracruz, Morelos, Mexico State, Guerrero. The country is in turmoil, drowning in violence and impunity. It is not a failed state, it is a strategy employed by the government in conjunction with organized crime to subdue the people,

Yesterday, in one of sermons, the bishop said that he had known of organized crime’s use of the crematorium in Piedras Negras to make entire families disappear for years. He denounced the 300 disappearances in Allende, Coahuila and assured that what happened in the past is still happening now; the people are still unprotected against Government strategy designed to displace them.







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It’s Here: Mosquito-Borne Zika Cases Confirmed in Florida

BREITBART — The Zika virus has conclusively arrived on American shores, as Florida officials announced the first confirmed cases of mosquito-transmitted infections on Friday.

Until now, Zika cases reported in the United States were from travelers who contracted the virus abroad, laboratory exposure, and fifteen cases of transmission through sexual contact, according to NPR. None of those transmission methods is nearly as troubling as the mosquito, especially with the summer season under way.

“Florida has become the first state in our nation to have local transmission of the Zika virus,” Governor Rick Scott announced.

Fortunately, the outbreak appears to be very small, both in terms of people affected and geographic area. ABC News reports three men and one woman are known to be infected so far, living in an area about one square mile in size.

NPR provided a map of the affected area, north of downtown Miami:

“We’re being very aggressive at testing people there we are testing the mosquitoes there and we spraying to make sure it’s contained,” Scott said, offering further assurances that health officials don’t believe transmission is ongoing.

Scott said the state government was working with pest-control companies on improved mosquito control, and to search for signs of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the species most commonly associated with Zika. The Centers for Disease Control reports that Aedes mosquitoes can be found all across the southern U.S., and even as far north along the East coast as Connecticut.

Scott said that Florida “currently has the capacity to test 6,609 people for active Zika virus and 2,059 people for Zika antibodies,” and would request more test kids from the CDC as needed. One of the problems with controlling Zika is that many infected individuals experience only mild symptoms, or none at all, but the virus can cause severe birth defects in pregnant women, and occasionally triggers neurological reactions.






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Newspaper Rejects “Christian” Advertisement

FOX NEWS — The owners of a Christian bookstore in Knoxville, Tennessee were dumbfounded after the News Sentinel rejected their ad because it included an offensive word – “Christian.”

Lois McGinnis and her family own Cedar Springs Christian Store. They recently decided to close a second location of the store so they decided to place an ad in the classified section of the newspaper, which is owned by Gannett.

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The advertisement read: “Store closing sale – Cedar Springs Christian Store – Clinton Highway location – All merchandise, fixtures, slat walls must go. Sale through August 13, phone 865.947.XXX.”

Mrs. McGinnis placed the ad on July 26. It was supposed to run on July 28. But when she opened up the newspaper – the ad was nowhere to be found.

So Mrs. McGinnis phoned the newspaper and spoke with a classified ad employee.

“She said our ad did not run because it contained an offensive word,” she told me. “I asked what that offensive word was and she said the offensive word was ‘Christian.’”

She said the News Sentinel did not notify her in advance the ad had been rejected nor did they call to say they were refunding her money.

“We had no way of knowing they considered the word ‘Christian’ offensive until we tried to place this ad,” she told me.


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China, Russia Throw Down Gauntlet in South China Sea

WASHINGTON TIMES — China and Russia will hold “routine” naval exercises in the South China Sea in September, China’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday, adding that the drills were aimed at strengthening their cooperation and were not aimed at any other country, reports Reuters. These drills come after recent joint exercises between the two nations in the Mediterranean.

I have long written that the last six months of Barack Obama’s presidency would see our adversaries taking advantage of the weakness of the Obama presidency before the new sheriff is in town, that sheriff being most likely a President Trump who has made it known his desire to rebuild the American military and power-projection capability worldwide. This prediction has now come to pass. The fact that Russia and China feel they can jointly challenge the U.S. Navy and claim vast international areas of the South China Sea, which are actually very far from China, is simply shocking and a testament to how far the reputation of the U.S. has fallen with Obama, Kerry, and yes, Clinton, at the helm.

“This is a routine exercise between the two armed forces, aimed at strengthening the developing China-Russia strategic cooperative partnership,” China’s defense ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told a regular monthly news conference. “The exercise is not directed against third parties.”

“These drills deepen mutual trust and expand cooperation, raise the ability to jointly deal with security threats, and benefit the maintenance of regional and global peace and stability,” he said.

The only question now is how much more damage will be caused to American power before President Obama leaves office. The world cannot accept closure of this area to international traffic. The sea lanes are too important. Russia and China know this but they feel they are powerful enough together to do it anyway, simply astounding.




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Media Silent on Bill Clinton Double Rape Bombshell

BREITBART — PHILADELPHIA – The U.S. news media has entirely ignored the newsworthy confirmation from Juanita Broaddrick that she was allegedly raped not once but twice by Bill Clinton during the same infamous encounter in 1978.

The story was splashed as the main banner of the Drudge Report for much of the day on Wednesday, after Bill Clinton brandished Hillary’s purported credentials as a champion of women on Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention here.

In addition to its massive general readership, the Drudge Report is read widely throughout the day as a tip sheet of sorts by many in the news industry.

The Drudge-linked Breitbart News story documenting Broaddrick’s revelation actually was published on July 10, meaning the news media had 18 days to investigate the issue.

Yet as of this writing, Broaddrick told this reporter that she has not been contacted by a single journalist about the story. And the double rape report has not been picked up by any other media outlet.

This silence ensues as reporters repeatedly grill Donald Trump and his family members about the billionaire’s treatment of women.

At issue is Broaddrick’s confirmation of the alleged double rape.

Broaddrick has rarely discussed the actual details of the alleged incident due to the graphic and traumatic nature of the event.

In August 2000, Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays told a local talk show that based on evidence to which he was privy from the Clinton impeachment trial, he found that Broaddrick had “disclosed that she had been raped, not once, but twice” to Senate Judiciary Committee investigators.

“I believed that he had done it,” Shays continued. “I believed her that she had been raped 20 years ago. And it was vicious rapes, it was twice at the same event.”

Two weeks ago, Broaddrick had for the first time publicly confirmed to this reporter her account that Clinton raped her twice.

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DNC Can’t Crack ‘Crooked Hillary’ Perception

POLIZETTE — The Democratic National Convention’s primary mission — to reduce Hillary Clinton’s sky-high dishonesty perception — appears to be floundering.

The Democratic nominee for president has the luxury of an all-star lineup of political and pop-culture talent to make her case. No one is more talented at talking to the American people in conversational manner than her husband, Bill Clinton. And President Obama is the most gifted politician of his generation in soaring oratory.

Both men were at the top of their game this week. But neither dared address the reckless behavior — or in the words of FBI Director James Comey, “extremely careless” — that fuels doubts about Hillary Clinton in the first place. As secretary of state, Clinton set up private servers in her house and sent and received email containing classified information.

That conduct undermines every increasingly strident attack leveled at Republican Donald Trump this week in Philadelphia.

The email scandal may have irreparably exposed Clinton’s trust problem. It comes on top of clear falsehoods she spun in the wake of a terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, in 2011. Emails show irrefutably that she told one story in private — the true one, involving an organized terrorist attack — and another one in public — a now-discredited narrative that an obscure internet film sparked a spontaneous protest.

For years, Clinton has maintained an arms-length relationship with the truth, grudgingly revealing embarrassing facts only when forced and speaking falsehoods even on trivial matters. During a South Asia goodwill tour, for instance, she claimed to have been named after the explorer Sir Edmund Hillary. But she was born six years before he climbed Mount Everest.




— DC





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Hillary’s Glass Ceiling

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Get Ready for Executive Amnesty Round Two

POLIZETTE — Hillary Clinton is signaling she will move fast and furiously to force upon the nation President Obama’s drastic and unconstitutional executive actions legalizing millions of illegal immigrants, putting them on a path toward permanent citizenship — and Democrats on the path to a permanent majority.

The signal that Clinton will act by fiat, and quickly, was ironically sent by her vice president as part of a pledge to abide by constitutional norms and push “comprehensive immigration reform” through Congress.

“Hillary will do that in the administration’s first 100 days,” newly minted vice presidential pick Kaine told Telemundo. “She is going to make a big effort in Congress to get reform passed, and with my experience in the Senate, with bipartisan colleagues, I am going to work hard — especially in Congress — to help this effort.”

Here’s the problem with that strategy, a problem Clinton and Kaine are well aware of: It has no chance of succeeding. What will succeed, however are executive actions that will be confirmed by a Supreme Court she will get to appoint, including the replacement for stalwart conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

In 2013, with the Senate in Democratic hands, a comprehensive immigration reform bill pushed by the treacherous, bipartisan “Gang of Eight” passed the Senate. The House refused to take it up, and one of the Gang, Sen. Marco Rubio, admitted in 2015 that the votes weren’t there in the House to pass it.

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The Democrats Go Full Merkel: Platform Says Immigration to Remake America According to “Our [Their] Values”

VDARE — German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just described the recent attacks by Muslim “refugees” as “shocking, depressing and terrifying” but is still sticking with her incredible decision to allow their mass influx—over a million last year [Germany’s Merkel stands by refugee policy despite ‘terrifying’ attacks, By Angela Dewan and Jason Hanna, CNN, July 28, 2016]. Of course the attacks are not “shocking” at all but entirely predictable. Merkel simply doesn’t care; Germany’s welfare is not her priority. Ominously, this is the woman Hillary Clinton wishes to “emulate” [Hillary Clinton on Running and Governing as a Woman, by Jay Newton Small, Time, January 7, 2016]. Clinton is also planning to unleash an Amnesty/ Immigration Surge if elected—and the 2016 Democratic Platform has now dropped all pretense that that this will benefit America

Last Fall, Merkel famously proclaimed: “Germany is a strong country, we will manage” [Defiant Merkel vows to stand by refugee policy despite security fears, Reuters, November 25, 2015]. This was significant because of the implicit acknowledgement that the “refugees” were a burden. Even accepting that Germany is strong enough to “manage” refugees, a nation does not need to “manage” peace, prosperity, and freedom. It manages, or at least attempts to manage, recessions, famine, and war.

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Hillary on Immigration at the DNC: No Wall, No Deportation, More Muslim Immigrants, and Path to Citizenship for Illegals


VDARE — I said that the amount of immigration patriotism in Trump’s acceptance speech was amazing–Hillary’s is the reverse.

She rejects

  • Trump’s proposed Muslim moratorium, which should have happened 15 years ago.
  • A border wall, which is immensely popular, and which has been approved(then defunded) by Congress.
  • Any deportations of illegals, as required by current law.

Finally, she wants to put the illegals on a path to citizenship–so they can vote Democratic. If it weren’t for that last part, this speech could have been give by a Republican.

Now we are clear-eyed about what our country is up against. But we are not afraid. We will rise to the challenge, just as we always have. We will not build a wall. Instead, we will build an economy where everyone who wants a good paying job can get one.

And we’ll build a path to citizenship for millions of [illegal]immigrants who are already contributing to our economy!

We will not ban a religion. We will work with all Americans and our allies to fight terrorism. There’s a lot of work to do. Too many people haven’t had a pay raise since the crash.

I believe that when we have millions of hardworking [illegal]immigrants contributing to our economy, it would be self-defeating and inhumane to kick them out. Comprehensive immigration reform will grow our economy and keep families together–and it’s the right thing to do.

Transcript: Hillary Clinton’s complete Democratic National Convention speech , LA Times, July 28, 2016

NPR did a “factchecked” annotated version of the speech, but it never occurred to them to check whether illegals contributed to the economy.

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Hillary Clinton’s Immigration Goals Make Her Economic Promises Impossible to Achieve


CAPS — On July 24, 2016, Hillary Clinton joined Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, her Vice-Presidential candidate for a joint interview by Scott Pelley, correspondent for the CBS News program, 60 Minutes. That interview has been posted under the title, “The Democratic Ticket: Clinton and Kaine.”

During that interview, when asked about her goals she said, in part:

“I want an economy that creates more jobs. And that’s a lot of jobs. I want an economy that gets back to raising incomes for everybody. Most Americans haven’t had a raise. I want an economy that’s going to help lift millions of people out of poverty. Because, given the great recession, we have fallen back in the wrong direction.”

Pelley should have asked how her adamant support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) would help unemployed Americans find jobs and raise the wages of millions of American workers who are fortunate to still have jobs. CIR would result in the dumping of millions of newly authorized foreign workers into an overflowing labor pool that, by Clinton’s own admission, has not seen incomes rise, with millions of people currently live in poverty.

In point of fact, already the number of authorized foreign workers who enter the United States each month exceeds the number of new jobs that are created.

Clinton frequently has called for achieving “wage equality.” When making this goal the topic of her discussions, she invariably links achieving wage equality to raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. If you do the math, this works out to just $21,008 annually. Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour results in an annual wage of $31,200. This is certainly not a middle-class wage.

The question never asked about wage equality is with whom would she make American workers equal?

Today middle-class wages are in decline, and the middle class is no longer the majority economic class in major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, Houston and New York.

Furthermore, what is important to note is that the massive importation of foreign workers under the auspices of the H-1B Visa Program has already cost hundreds of thousands of highly qualified and experienced American workers their jobs and has suppressed the wages of those who still have their jobs.

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