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A Message from OOV: I followed the advice of Analytical Survival as detailed in his video above. The desiccants he suggested work super. They can be bought from AMAZON. I found good quality and relatively inexpensive ammo cans from a local farm supply store. I used his labeling system with plastic card holders, also from AMAZON. I now have a secure, environmentally stable ammo supply that is simple to inventory.

One other thought. Even if you don’t have a weapon of a particular caliber it is still a good idea to buy ammo for them. In a SHTF situation you can always trade them for other items you might need. I keep a few thousands rounds of calibers I don’t need but will likely be needed by others. .22 caliber rounds are currently plentiful and relatively cheap (although still higher than 2 years ago 🙁 ). Even if you don’t own a .22 BUY SOME of these cartridges to barter with.


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