After the Shoot: 7 Real-Life Cases Imperative to Gun Owners

In November of 2015, in Washington State, I had the pleasure and privilege of attending and presenting at the first Legal Eagles Gun Law Conference sponsored by Northwest Public Safety, with J.B. Herren and Glenda Edwards presiding. Judging by the excellent critiques I saw from the dozens who attended the six-day presentation, it won’t be the last. Those people paid $3,000 a piece to attend. The following touches on some of the most instructive learning points.

A powerful history of modern gun-related lawmaking and litigation from Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation on the first day was followed by Marty Hayes, the founder of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network and, for a quarter century, a successful firearms/self-defense instructor and expert witness in the field. For much of the first day and part of the second, he shared advice he had gathered from that considerable experience.

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