Disabled Gun Owners Should Not Be Disarmed

WASHINGTON TIMES — Americans who wish to keep and bear arms have an inalienable right to do so regardless of their standing in life.

There is a concerted effort by the government, particularly state governments, to disarm disabled Americans who wish to defend themselves with firearms. Why? Government bureaucrats believe disabled individuals are incapable of being self-sufficient without government assistance. To further complicate matters, housing complexes receiving government aid in the form of Section 8 housing believe firearms pose a safety risk to their tenets.

The most recent target of this dangerous disarmament ploy is Harvey Lembo of Rockland, Maine, who is facing eviction from his apartment for merely owning a firearm.

Mr. Lembo, 67, is a retired police officer and lobsterman who is bound to a wheelchair. He currently lives in Section 8 housing due to his disability. He has been burglarized six times in the last six years. Despite this, Mr. Lembo desires to live normally and protect himself out of fear of being burglarized again.

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