No, Canada, ‘Machine Guns’ Aren’t Flowing Across the Border From the U.S.

TOWNHALL — Earlier this month, The Washington Post reported on the issue of gun smuggling supposedly emanating from the United States into Canada, where machine guns and other semiautomatic firearms, mostly handguns, are flowing into Canada and creating havoc. Canadian Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for tighter gun regulations to curb this problem:

Homicides in Toronto spiked to 80 in 2005, from 64 in 2004, and the majority were shooting-related. About 70 percent of the guns used were handguns and automatic weapons smuggled from the United States, police say.

Since then, the number of shootings has decreased, but the danger still lurks. How many trafficked guns cross the border is unknown. But the Canadian Border Services Agency said there has been a continued increase in gun seizures. In 2012, agents seized 226 illegal weapons (mostly handguns). By 2015, that figure had risen to 316.

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