Self-Defense Tips: Living in “Condition Yellow”

DAILY CALLER — Some years ago, Col. Jeff Cooper began to use the “Color Code” to signify conditions of awareness as it pertains to potential threats. White referred to a total lack of awareness. Yellow was used to signify relaxed alertness. Orange referred to having identified a potential threat. And Red was used when the potential threat was identified as an actual threat.

Condition White should only exist when a person is sound asleep. However, we see people operating in total oblivion every day. The person who walks down the busy sidewalk with all of their attention focused on their smart phone. Even worse, we see drivers paying more attention to their phones than to their driving. Others will answer a knock at their front door without first having looked out to see who is there. I would even suggest that the person who gets caught in a police radar trap is not being as alert as they could, or should be.

For these people, their first inclination that a criminal attack is about to take place is when the criminal gets right in their face. These folks don’t have a personal defense plan and, even if they have one, it is generally way too late to put it into practice by the time they realize they’re in trouble. Their only hope of avoiding the confrontation is if the crook is so inept that he leaves them an opening to respond defensively. This really doesn’t leave a person much hope of avoiding the conflict.

To begin to live in Condition Yellow (relaxed alertness) usually requires a real-life change for many people. They learn to function with their heads up, actually observing what is going on around them. They learn to prioritize what they are doing so that minor distractions are dealt with in an appropriate manner. They are not the people who stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk to send a text message; they are the ones who step out of the foot traffic and stand against a building to return a short text. Or they don’t respond at all until they are in a more secure location.


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