Settled Science: Guns Make You Safer

POLIZETTE — A new report from the Crime Research Prevention Center shows gun ownership makes people safer.

The report, obtained by LifeZette, surveyed academics worldwide who published peer-reviewed, empirical research in criminology and economics journals. They said guns are used more for self-defense than to commit crimes; that having a gun in the home does not increase the risk of suicide; that gun-free zones attract criminals; and that concealed carry rights reduce the murder rate.

Forty-eight percent of these criminologists and economists surveyed said guns are used more often in self-defense, while only 22 percent said they were used more often to commit crimes.

Fifty-five percent said gun-free zones attract criminals, while only 24 percent said they do not. Nearly half of those surveyed — 46 percent — said allowing people to carry a permitted, concealed handgun results in a reduction in the murder rate, while only 27 percent thought it had no effect on the murder rate. Just 7 percent claimed that legal concealed carry results in an increase in murders.

When the results are broken down by profession, economists — who apply the laws of economics to sociological issues — seem to have a much more positive view of gun ownership than criminologists, who find themselves more split on the issue. On the whole however, a majority of criminologists still generally believe gun ownership is a net positive when it comes to reducing crime and violence.

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