The Left’s Gun Control Long Game

Hawaii Registration Offers Rare Insight Into Gun-grabbing Strategy

POLIZETTE — Hawaii is a well-known paradise for surfers, tiki enthusiasts, and anyone looking for an exotic vacation — but recently it became a paradise for the anti-gun left.

The Aloha State became the first state in the nation to place law-abiding gun owners in a central database, laying the foundation for the confiscation of firearms.

The legislation “authorizes county police departments in Hawaii to enroll firearms applicants and individuals registering their firearms, in a criminal record monitoring service,” a statement from the governor’s office said.

The service is called the “Rap Back” system, “a service of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that provides continuous criminal record monitoring,” according to the governor’s statement.

“The service notifies the agencies when a firearm owner is arrested for a criminal offense anywhere in the country,” it continues. ‘This will allow county police departments in Hawaii to evaluate whether the firearm owner may continue to legally possess and own firearms.”

Hawaii already requires its citizens to register their firearms, making confiscation easy should someone be flagged in the system. This legislation — which has worrying implications for due process as being arrested for a crime is by no means the same as being tried and convicted of one — reveals just how easy confiscation is once the government has a list of registered gun owners.


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One thought on “The Left’s Gun Control Long Game

  1. Hawaii is dominated by Asians. My wife and I have been to over 100 countries. We have travelled extensively in many Asian countries. Every Asian country is a police state. Human rights don’t mean a thing. Cops beat you and then talk to you. One condemned prisoner in Singapore was mutilated BEFORE being hung in prison so badly his own mother didn’t recognize the body. In much of Asia children with birth defects are routinely abandoned and left to die, even by the rich.

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