Chicago Notches a Bloody New Record in Face of America’s Strictest Gun Control Laws

LIFEZETTE — The nation’s third-largest city has hit a new low — or rather a violent new high — and the black community has taken the vast brunt of the impact.

This past month has been one of the bloodiest in the history of Chicago. Sixty-five homicides were recorded along with 360 shootings and 441 victims in July alone. The total number of the city’s homicides for this year is nearly 400, compared to 490 for the entire year of 2015.

And what group has been suffering the most as a result of this enormous crime wave? African-Americans.

Despite the Black Lives Matter movement’s singular focus on police brutality and a lopsided criminal justice system as indicative of a racist society and the biggest problems of the day for black Americans — Chicago is a clear indicator that gang violence and inner city crime are far more pressing and far more lethal issues.

A new report shows the homicide rate among African-Americans is now 18 times higher than among white Americans in the city.

According to the report from Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, the homicide rate for African-Americans increased by 28.7 percent from 2005 to 2015. At the sane time, the share of the city’s murder rate in the white community has fallen by 40 percent.

This directly contradicts the narrative of groups like Black Lives Matter, who believe that police officers are the greatest threat to their safety and prosperity. The true sufferers of the violence are being ignored in favor of blocking highways and spreading discord.

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