Kremlin-Clinton Corruption Gets a Look

VDARE BY BRENDA WALKER– The rapid attribution of the DNC email hack to the Russians who supposedly wanted to help Trump in the election certainly looked suspicious, since Hillary Clinton is far more tangled up with the Kremlin than Trump. It was reported over a year ago that the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from investors in a deal that ended up with Russia owning part of America’s uranium reserve. How is that not treason on the face?

Monday’s Wall Street Journal has an article by Peter Schweizer, focused on Hillary’s efforts to help Moscow to get technology transfers which undermined US national security. Schweizer was the researcher who wrote the book Clinton Cash, which was the basis for the important documentary of the same name — watchable online at Breitbart: Clinton Cash Movie. The enormous size of the Clintons’ grift is astounding, in addition to the many dangers it created for America. Every voter should watch the Clinton Cash documentary.

KT McFarland appeared on Fox News on Monday and expressed her alarm about the level of public corruption in the Clinton Foundation:

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