Rep Tells Pentagon to Reinstate Green Beret Who Beat Up Afghan Rapist

DAILY CALLER — The Army has recently delayed the separation of Sgt. Charles Martland, the Green Beret who attacked an Afghan rapist in 2011, but GOP Rep. Vern Buchanan  is demanding the service quit playing games and reinstate him immediately.

This is the third extension the Army has granted Martland while the Board for Correction of Military Records examines his case. The extension is until May 1.

“The Pentagon needs to stop dishonoring a two-time Bronze star recipient and reinstate Sgt. Martland immediately,” Buchanan said in a statement, noting the Green Beret’s exceptional and distinguished service record.

Back in 2011, Martland confronted a local Afghan police commander for tying a small boy to a post and raping him repeatedly for days. The boy and his mother begged Martland for help. When the Green Beret confronted the Afghan police commander, the commander’s sole reaction was to laugh in Martland’s face.

Martland refused to walk away and ignore the boy’s pleas for help, and the commander’s response infuriated him. He shoved the police commander to the ground and soundly beat him, prompting many observers to call him a hero.

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