The Thin Blue Line Between Us and Criminal Anarchy

The video above shows a police officer narrowly avoiding being shot while conducting a traffic stop.

My blood pressure spikes every time I see, read or hear about a police officer being shot at or killed.

There is a crime epidemic in this country that has been exacerbated by the racist anti-police rhetoric spewed by Obama and his “Black Lives Matter” lapdogs.

I know first hand the tragedy of police officers being killed in the line of duty. During my career as a Paramedic in Indianapolis in the 70’s four Indianapolis police officers were killed in the line of duty. I personally responded and attended to two of the four officers.

One, Jim Compton, was a personal friend of mine. A fellow Vietnam Vet, we played basketball together. Jim was survived by a wife, two daughters and a son. Thousands of police officers from all over America and Canada attended the services for Jim. I attended his funeral in New Crown Cemetery

The other, Warren Greene, was one of the nicest and gentlest “big men” you ever met. He was survived by his wife and nine children. I attended his funeral on Christmas eve in 1975.

To this day I can remember every single detail of their deaths.

Please, when you see a police officer, take the time to thank them for their service to your community; you may not get a chance to “later”. After all, The Thin Blue Line is all that stands between a civilized society and criminal anarchy.

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