‘In God We Trust’ Now on More Texas Police Cars

BREITBART — The list is growing for cities and counties in Texas who are adding “In God We Trust” to their emergency vehicles. The latest is Kendall County, just northwest of San Antonio.

In the county seat of Boerne, Sheriff Al Auxier has made the decision to place the nation’s motto across the trunk or tailgate of every one of his patrol vehicles.

“It is the motto of our country and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t proudly display that on our patrol units,” the sheriff told KENS 5 News. County resident Carol Hayden added “Boerne is very Christian-oriented, Kendall County is. So it’s interesting, but not surprising, I suppose.”

While “In God We Trust” has been the national motto for 60 years, there have been legal battles over the issue again and again. The sheriff says he has no misgivings. “I have a completely different idea about the separation of church and state,” he told the reporters. Sheriff Auxier added that he’s not worried about a legal challenge since tax money isn’t being spent on the decals; roughly about $400 for all 28 department units.

“We aren’t spending tax dollars,” he said. “We’re spending revenue that has been made off drug seizures.”

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