GRAPHIC: Mexican Authorities Find Another Cartel Execution Victim Near Border

BREITBART — PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila — Authorities in this border city continue to look into the kidnapping, torture and execution of a man recently found in a rural area. Coahuila state authorities responded to a call of a body found on the 18th kilometer marker on highway 57, which connects this city with the city of Nava.

Investigators have since identified the victim as Omar Alejandro Estrada Resendiz from the city of Acuna. The motive for the execution remains unclear, however, the man’s face had been covered with a red rag and then taped over. The mans hands had also been taped together before likely before he was shot.

For many years, the state of Coahuila was the region where Los Zetas drug cartel was able to operate with complete impunity. The complicity of government officials reached the point where as reported by Breitbart Texas, Los Zetas were able to kidnap hundreds of victims and incinerate their bodies in clandestine crematoriums some of which were in the Piedras Negras prison.

In recent years Los GATES have been able to beat back the presence of Los Zetas; however, as indicated by the ongoing number of executions, their activities remain.

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