News From Europe Shows Why America Must Stop Importing Muslim “Refugees”


VDARE BY PATRICK CLEBURNE — Two news stories this week (Surprise! Not from the American MSM!) illustrate perfectly why the importation of Muslim “refugees” needs to be halted immediately.

Another 500,000 Syrians are set to arrive in Germany to join relatives who have already settled in the country, the government admits By Allan Hall The Daily Mail 8 June 2016 reports:

Germany is expecting as many as half a million Syrians with family members already living in the country to apply for asylum to join their relatives.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in Berlin (BAMF) said that the loved ones of refugees left behind will be entitled to claim for sanctuary.

Officials are projecting that it will average out to one family member per person already in Germany. emphasis. Got that?

According to government arrival statistics around 428.000 Syrians came to Germany in 2015; in the first five months of this year, there were less than 72,000. They base the figure of 500,000 pote

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