One Old Vet Is Temporarily Off Line.

One Old Vet was admitted to a local hospital today. Posting of new articles are temporarily suspended until he returns.


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6 thoughts on “One Old Vet Is Temporarily Off Line.

  1. Thank you, Mrs. OOV for the message.

    Blessings to both of you. May OOV have a speedy recovery. Great man and American patriot.

  2. Hi friends1

    OOV here,

    I Dont have my password with me in the hospitalso I have to use the cmment section to update you.

    I am currently in the CCU of a local hospital awaiting surgery for an arterial bypass and replacement of the aortic valve. Surgery is scheduled for this coming Thursday, August 18th,

    I have bee told to expect a 7 to 10 day hospital stay following the surgery, then there will be a recovering/healing period following my release,

    At this point I don’t expect to be back online before the 1st of September.

    Thanks for the notes and emails to the Mrs,


  3. Oh dear. Saw this on your Twitter account when I just clicked follow button. You’ve already showed your success at pulling through and coming back. Will keep eyes open for you and wish you and the family the best.

  4. Just learned of this tonight, OOV. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, as is Mrs. OOV. May God grant you a full, speedy recovery. Hugs!!

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