OOV Needs Your Tweets, Likes, Shares & Links

When I took a sabbatical from One Old Vet I knew we would see some decline in our readership.

Unfortunately, we are seeing only 10% of the readers and viewers, “hits” and page “views” as compared to our logs of nine months ago.

I need your help in getting the word out that OOV is back online.

For this site to remain “cost effective” in terms of my time and energy we REALLY need your help.

PLEASE…. if you find any material on this site to be interesting or helpful to you, or if you think others might benefit from it, PLEASE “Tweet” about, “LIKE” it or “SHARE” it on Facebook, email it to a friend or link to the article in a forum of your choice.

There are Twitter and Facebook buttons at the end of every post for exactly this purpose. You can also use the “Email” button to open your favorite email program with the link reference inside your message, or use the “print” button for a hard copy to circulate to others.

To those of you who have already been doing this, please accept my heartfelt thanks.

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