To Our Friends at VDARE

I can’t begin to say enough ‘Thank Yous” to the folks at VDARE, its editor Peter Brimelowe, his wife, Lydia, and to the readers of VDARE who have so generously financially supported our efforts in the past.

I especially want to thank my friend and VDARE writer, Patrick Cleburne, for his kind words and heartfelt “welcome back” and years of support.

OOV would have shut down long ago without the backing of VDARE and their readers.

Thank you all.


For dreary personal reasons I have not been able to blog much recently. So I am late in applauding an event which in the patriotic blogosphere is as important as the arrival of Donald Trump in the world of electoral politics: the reactivation of the One Old Vet website

A year ago with a heavy heart I had to post ONE OLD VET Ceases Publication: Please Thank This Great Patriot. DON’T Thank FAIR, CIS or NUMBERSUSA. Now this elderly, unwell man has returned to the crushing posting pace which makes his site the best news aggregator for following America’s Immivasion disaster on the internet.

OOV has also an eagle eye for a good illustration – I used to call him’s Art Director! I expect his return will directly improve our site. ~ Patrick Cleburne

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One thought on “To Our Friends at VDARE

  1. Think you’re appreciated more than you realize. Via VDare, ran across your post from earlier this week as to why you deleted OOV account from Facebook. It can be a sorry business ‘out there’.

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