Understanding Stand Your Ground & Castle Doctrine

PDW — In a nation that has become a sound-bite society, we have a public and therefore a jury pool that is increasingly vulnerable to simplistic, misinformed answers to complicated questions. This has certainly been true in recent years, with print and electronic media having disseminated false perceptions about such topics as Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws.

We are told on editorial pages that with these laws in place, anyone can kill anyone and get away with it by claiming “I was in fear for my life.” We are told that this allows criminals to commit murder and get away with it by uttering the magic words, “It was self-defense.” We are told that with these laws rivers of blood will run in the streets, that both malicious and negligent shootings will go un-punished in the civil courts, and that homicides will rise and are already rising as a direct result. The facts, however, show otherwise.
– See more at: http://www.personaldefenseworld.com/2016/02/massad-ayoob-understanding-stand-your-ground-castle-doctrine/#massad-ayoob-stand-your-ground-castle-doctrine-6

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