American Veteran News 02.28.16

Persian Gulf War veterans fume as a 25th anniversary goes unmarked by Pentagon — WASHINGTON POST On Saturday, Scott Stump, president and founder of the National Desert Storm War Memorial Association , could not commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Persian Gulf War in Washington. There was, after all, no official Defense Department event scheduled to mark the conflict’s cease-fire on Feb. 28, 1991. Instead, Stump, a former Marine who deployed to Saudi Arabia on Dec. 31, 1990, attended a formal event and lunch at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, at the request of Gen. Jonathan Vance, defense chief of the Canadian Armed Forces.

That’s right. Canada.

“When we got the invitation to Canada’s official, government-sanctioned 25th anniversary event, the thing hit us with a ton of bricks,” said Stump, 49, who lives in North Carolina. “You have a country that had 4,000 troops on the ground inviting an American like me to attend their commemoration, yet our country — which deployed over 600,000 troops — is not doing anythi

Hearing shines light on delays in VA investigation — ASTAR NEWS This week the Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs testified before an Appropriations oversight hearing on Capitol Hill. Serving on the Appropriations Committee, and specifically the Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, this hearing offered me an important opportunity to publicly press the Inspector General for answers about the investigation into problems within the VA. The Office of Inspector General is supposed to be the “watchdog” agency of the VA, and my office has worked with its investigators to run down allegations of misconduct regarding Veterans’ services. Once an investigation has been completed, the reports are required to be made public so that we can see exactly what problems exist and be able to take corrective action.

Marines Toast Iwo Jima Veterans on Anniversary of Flag Raising — NY TIMES Angelo Ciotta, 90, leaned against the bar inside a restaurant in Queens as fellow Marines offered a series of taut salutes and a bottle of red wine — a Marine Corps-themed vintage called Jarhead Red. The label bore an insignia of the famous photograph of troops hoisting the American flag on Iwo Jima on Feb. 23, 1945. Mr. Ciotta, a retired private first class, was present that day at Mount Suribachi, where the flag was raised during one of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific theater. “Of my squad of 14, every one of them got wounded or killed,” said Mr. Ciotta, who was shot in the leg. “I was lucky because I’m bowlegged — it missed the bone,” he said on Tuesday night, the 71st anniversary of the flag raising, where Mr. Ciotta and his fellow Queens native Jack Seiferth, 93, were honored for their service on Iwo Jima. Dr. Seiferth, a retired sergeant with the First Battalion, Fourth Marine Division, said he managed to survive the 36-day battle in part because while storming the beach, “the first three waves were wiped out, and I was in the fourth w


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