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The US Government’s Conspiracy of Silence and Obstruction Against Gulf War Veterans — GLOBAL RESEARCH With only 148 Americans officially killed in action and only 467 wounded, the Gulf War seemed to be a shining victory for our military and its leaders. However, this victory has cast a long, lingering shadow. Today we know that nearly 200,000 of our Gulf service men and women are suffering from a debilitating and sometimes deadly syndrome. The suffering our military personnel have endured from Gulf War syndrome is outrageous in and of itself; however, the US government’s decades-long denial that the illness even exists has compounded the problem tremendously. Clearly there is a sadistic irony being played out. We asked brave Americans, whether in the reserve, National Guard, or enlisted troops, to serve in dangerous environments, including Afghanistan and Iraq. We exposed them to biological and chemical agents, experimental vaccines, and environmental toxins – ranging from the byproducts of air pollutants released from burning oil wells to depleted uranium (DU). After they are brought home, not only do they not receive adequate medical treatment, but the government even denies the existence of their very serious health conditions. As a result, many veterans have filed bankruptcy. Their conditions are not covered under any veteran program. A 2015 US Department of Housing and Urban Development report estimates that nearly 48,000 veterans are currently homeless on any given night, which accounts for approximately 11% of the entire homeless American population.(1) Since it is difficult to determine the actual number of homeless veterans, this figure is likely conservative.

VA Employs National Approach to Processing Disability Claims — PVA The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is employing a national workload approach for processing claims for veterans disability benefits, which in some cases may result in a veteran’s claim being processed outside of their home state. In a blog post on VA’s VAntage Point blog, the Veterans Benefits Administration laid out its transition to the “National Work Queue,” an electronic workload management initiative designed to reduce the claims backlog and improve processing wait times. “This flexibility allows VA to better manage its capabilities to best serve all veterans just as veterans served our nation – without regard to their state affiliations,” the blog post states.

5 Veterans Who Died While Waiting for a Doctor’s Appointment with the VA — INDEPENDENT JOURNAL In September 2015, a bombshell report released by the Veteran Affairs Inspector General revealed that a mind-boggling 307,000 U.S. veterans had died while still waiting to be approved for care from VA hospitals and programs. With a number that large, the idea that there are real people and families behind each of the 307,000 can often be forgotten. Here’s a look at just 5 of these veterans who have lost their lives:

Help Research More Than 700 Navy Ships That Served in Vietnam — PROPUBLICA Vietnam veteran Dale Worcester, who served aboard the gasoline tanker U.S.S. Tombigbee from 1966 to 1967, emailed ProPublica recently looking for a connection. He wrote: “Do you have any other Tombigbee crewmen that you have made contact with on this Agent Orange [inquiry]?” The “inquiry” he referenced is a survey ProPublica and The Virginian-Pilot launched to investigate the impact Agent Orange has had on the health of vets and their family members. Worcester was one of more than 800 Navy vets who have filled it out, with nearly 4,000 stories submitted in total. But a query to the database found only one entry for the Tombigbee. It was Worcester’s. Yet, there’s information out there — on the Internet and in the veteran’s hands. A quick Google search of his ship produced a photo archive, a history of the ship and a crew roster spanning nearly two decades. These types of links have helped us connect with veterans similar to Worcester.

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