Zika May Be Spread by 2nd Mosquito, Researchers Say, Posing Threat to Olympic

FOX NEWS LATINO — Recife, Brazil – Dusk was falling and the day cooling in Alto da Conquista, a working-class community on the northern edge of Recife’s metropolitan area.

“My feet are full of bites,” Jaqueline Vieira de Souza told Fox News Latino. “There are a lot [of mosquitoes] at this time of day. I have to close everything up because otherwise, later, they eat everyone. There’s no basic sanitation here, and there’s a lot of woods.”

Vieira de Souza sits in an easy chair, holding her four-month-old son, Daniel, who was diagnosed with microcephaly in March. She grew up in the neighborhood and loves it here, she says, but she’s afraid of the mosquitoes.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito, which breeds in small pools of water in and around people’s homes, has become infamous as the carrier of the Zika virus, which the World Health Organization strongly suspects is tied to microcephaly. But a second type of mosquito – the Culex, researchers are discovering, may also be helping to spread the virus.

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