One thought on “Russia? China? Iran? North Korea?

  1. They all do. Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. National Security and Benghazi! “Who Cares?” Not Hillary Clinton, the classic psychopath is on her broom flying around the USA stumping and spewing lies on the campaign trail for president. Every now and then “Who Cares” Hillary takes a few hours off the campaign trail, like when she flew from Las Vegas to Beaumont, TX and back to Vegas. She wasn’t gone long. Just needed a few hours off to visit Moslem Pakistani friends in Beaumont, TX, as reported on Beaumont ch 12 TV. According to a news report, on her way from Las Vegas to SC, Hillary will make a stop in Beaumont, TX to visit her friends once again. Is there a golden pot at the end of the rainbow in Beaumont, TX? Only “Who Cares” knows the answer.

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