Calif. No. 1 for Immigration Case Backlog

CAPS — A favored deception of immigration advocates is that America needs to “fix its broken immigration system.” The phrase is repeatedly used by pro-immigration politicians and lobbyists, and is widely understood to mean not that the system is broken because immigration laws haven’t been upheld for 30 years, but rather that amnesty for 12 million aliens is the only conceivable fix.
A handful of the nearly half-million illegal immigrants awaiting their hearing.

In its recent story, however, the Houston Press published a true picture of how disastrous unchecked immigration and an immigration system under assault from our leadership have been for the United States. As of December 15, California had 82,000 immigration cases pending, the nation’s largest backlog. Texas, in second place, had 77,000 unheard cases. Ranked by city, New York, Los Angeles and Houston had the most pending cases. The border surge of unaccompanied alien minors and their mothers has contributed to the mounting delay as the newly arrived have been assigned priority. According to Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Clearing House, at the end of August, more than 456,000 outstanding cases had overwhelmed immigration courts.

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