6 Water Stations Helping ILLEGALSs Across U.S.-Mexico Border Shot, Vandalized

FOX NEWS LATINO — TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) – A humanitarian group in southern Arizona says six of its eight water stations for migrants crossing the Sonoran Desert have been vandalized, including one that was shot at and had the carcass of a coyote next to it.

The group, Humane Borders, says the water stations help keep migrants who are crossing illegally from Mexico through the southern Arizona desert alive.

Joel Smith, director of operations, said he discovered that most of the water stations had been vandalized during a routine inspection on Tuesday.

He said he was most disturbed by one station about five miles east of the town of Arivaca that someone shot at and left the carcass of a coyote next to, saying the vandalism was likely by someone opposed to leaving water for migrants crossing illegally.

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