A Crime in Progress? Immigration/Marriage Fraud and Chain Migration

CIS — Chain migration, unfortunately, is not only quite legal in the United States (but less so in other nations), it drives most of our immigration numbers.

Meanwhile, immigration/related marriage fraud (which is the subject of less enforcement here than elsewhere), is totally illegal but a lesser force in immigration numbers.

All too often these forces move together.

Moving from the abstract to the all-too-specific, I have had the opportunity over the last couple of months to learn about a two-family case study in which these two forces interact and reinforce each other, in one distressing, emotion-laden, ongoing situation. It offers an on-the ground view of how our immigration processes work – or don’t work.

It looks to me like a crime-in-process, and may involve, before it’s over, a trifecta of marriage fraud, all involving one hard-driving alien. There are eight people in this drama, seven of whom are from the subcontinent and Muslims. Their interaction with the U.S. immigration system started in 1991, and may continue well beyond 2016. The authorities know about some aspects of the case, but there is no evidence of any official action.

Let’s turn to the eight people involved, their four, and perhaps soon, five marriages, and their two or maybe three divorces.

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