America to Third World: Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Zika Anchor Babies

VDARE BY BRENDA WALKER — Tuesday was a historic occasion: a Zika-infected microcephaly baby was born to a foreign mother who apparently flew to the United States to take advantage of anchor-baby-citizenship (a mis-interpretation of the 14th Amendment in the opinion of many) and an array of free stuff.

The following Fox video report gave some important details. Reporter Reporter David Lee Miller said of the mother, “She was exposed to the zika virus while living in her native Honduras. . . she was in the United States visiting extended family.”

The United States is a well known soft touch for foreigners with serious health problems who desire expensive first-world treatment. Anyone with an appealing sob story is eligible. Ebola Tom, the Liberian medical moocher, comes to mind. He fled to stupid-generous America for healthcare when he became sick with ebola, and his nine-day hospital bill was estimated to cost $500,000.

It could get very expensive if Zika moms-to-be heard that the US is the free clinic to the world for microcephaly babies. Apparently IQs of 60 to 70 are not unusual for those born so afflicted. The babies who survive into adulthood will not be self-supporting but will require a lifetime of government medical care. Baby Zika #1 (an American citizen via birth location) will cost a fortune.

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