Americans Reject Illegal Alien Sob Stories

POLIZETTE — As the financial and social tolls on American society that illegal aliens take daily become clearer, it seems Americans are beginning to reject the mainstream media’s attempts to garner sympathy for those who sneak into the United States.

The number of pro-illegal immigrant stories in the press appears to have increased apace with Donald Trump’s success in the polls. The Washington Post published one such article Sunday about Friendship Park, an immigration “no man’s land” between San Diego and Tijuana, where once a week U.S. citizens and resident aliens are able to meet with family members who have been deported.

The Post’s article describes Friendship Park as a depressing place where “separated immigrant families hug across a steel divide,” before detailing a number of emotional stories. The Post’s readers, however, were not happy about the publication’s emotionally-manipulative attempt to foster sympathies for illegal aliens.

“You cannot be serious,” commented one reader to the Post. “It is an INTERNATIONAL BORDER. Don’t break the law, don’t find yourself in this situation. Pretty simple.”

Wrote another: “They are separated from their families because they want to stay illegal. Any time they want to spend time with their families, they can just go back across the border. It’s not the U.S. that makes that decision.”

Some readers were less diplomatic, having little patience for the paper’s publishing of open-borders propaganda — “What a bunch of emotional BS,” one reader said. There are over 500 comments on the story, the vast majority of them sharing the sentiment expressed above. And they’re all worth a read.

But biased stories like The Washington Post’s — which excuse the inherent law breaking of illegal immigration and pay absolutely no consideration to the costs of illegal immigrants to native-born Americans in terms of healthcare, education, the economy, and crime — are as ubiquitous in the media as are Mexican flags at anti-Trump protests.

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