Attorney for Illegal Alien in Prom-Night Drunk Driving Murder Case Blames Police

BREITBART — HOUSTON, Texas — The attorney for an previously deported illegal alien who allegedly killed a teenage girl and critically injured her date while he was fleeing from police blames police for the death of the teen. She also says his immigration status is of no consequence in this case.

Edin Palacios was observed driving drunk in the early morning hours of May 14, police say. When the officers attempted to stop the pickup truck after it ran over a curb while making a U-turn, the drive pulled over and the took off after the police officer got out of his car, Breitbart Texas previously reported. Following a short chase that quickly went to very high speeds, the truck, allegedly driven by Palacios, reportedly ran a red light and plowed into a Dodge Charger driven by 18-year-old Moises Avila. His passenger, and prom date, Jocelyn Valero was killed in the crash and Avila was critically injured. Breitbart Texas first reported the news that Palacios was a previously deported illegal alien from Guatemala.

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