Brawl Between Two Inmates From the Zetas Cartel Leaves 49 Dead in Mexico

LATIN AMERICAN HERALD TRIBUNE — MONTERREY, Mexico – A brawl between two prisoners belonging to the Zetas drug cartel over control of the Topo Chico prison in the northern state of Nuevo Leon has left 49 dead and 12 wounded. It is one of the worst riots in recent Mexican history.

Just before midnight on Wednesday night local time, a bloody fight broke out in the C2 and C3 blocks, one of the oldest and most overpopulated areas of the prison, in which gangs clashed with sharp weapons, bottles, bats and sticks, according to officials.

The fighting then spread throughout the cells, and some prisoners burned food stores.

The governor of Nuevo Leon, Jaime Rodríguez Calderon, nicknamed “el Bronco”, said that it was a fight between two groups of inmates led by Jorge Ivan Hernandez Cantu, “el Credo” and Juan Pedro Salvador Zaldivar Farias, the “Z27”.

“Both were from the Zetas,” the governor said.

The Zeta cartel is among the most violent and has a firm presence in the east of the country.

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