Calif. Taxpayers Reach Into Wallet Again, This Time for Insurance for Minor Aliens

CAPS — In 2014, a poll conducted by the immigrant advocacy group California Endowment claimed that a majority of California voters support giving health care coverage to aliens, including access to Medi-Cal. When read a statement that preventative health care coverage would reduce aliens’ emergency room usage and lower the associated costs, 86 percent of respondents approved.

Advocates’ push polls invariably find that Californians favor more entitlements for illegal immigrants even though they will have to fund them with their hard-earned taxpayer dollars. The polling questions are always framed in a way that makes it appear that the new entitlements will be good for all Californians in the long run – reduced Dream Act university tuition will produce a better educated work force, driver licenses will make the roads safer, and access to Medi-Cal will reduce reliance on emergency rooms.

Whether Californians have or will ever tangibly benefit is debatable. Beyond debate, however, is that state taxpayers subsidize the programs for which they pay, pay and pay some more.

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