Central American Identifies Culprits in Surge Crisis: Central American Governments

CAPS Americans need to brace themselves for the coming wave of illegal immigrant children, a repeat of previous years’ surges. As noted on a CAPS homepage story, during fiscal year 2016 at least 20,455 unaccompanied minors have been caught along the U.S.-Mexico border as of last month. The crisis is exacerbated by a decline in deportations that will leave the Department of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, local school districts and hospitals struggling to accommodate the aliens. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley fears that the 2016 surge could surpass the massive total in 2014.< Media coverage of the Central American crisis will again be sympathetic. Countless stories will be written about children fleeing gang violence. Most of the stories will be hearsay, and the factually based tales may be exaggerated. After all, at stake is permanent U.S. residency, a prize well-worth stretching the truth.

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