Delaware Could Become First ‘Sanctuary State’

POLIZETTE — Delaware could become the nation’s first “sanctuary state” — endangering all of its legal citizens and effectively crippling both state and local law enforcement. That’s if Senate Bill 60 passes.

“Essentially what SB 60 does is makes us a sanctuary state,” Brian Pettyjohn, a Republican state senator who opposes the bill, said. “Using the terms outlined in the bill, it uses state tools to limit what law enforcement can do throughout the state in terms of detaining illegal immigrants. This bill basically gives them a free pass.”

The bill’s primary sponsor, Sen. Brian Townsend (D), said of the measure, “There is a very important consideration that would support the passage of SB 60. A real concern within communities of undocumented Delawareans is that undocumented individuals may hesitate to report crimes for fear of police detaining them simply for being undocumented. This means that victims of domestic abuse might not come forward, and witnesses of child abuse might not come forward.” His comments appeared on

Townsend had previously indicated that he would not run the bill, but so far he hasn’t stricken it either — so it can still move forward, according to multiple sources.

The bill also facilitates the Delaware driving privilege card, regardless of immigration status.

LifeZette reached out to Townsend but did not hear back.

Many immigrants are in Delaware illegally. In a state of about one million people, at least 50,000 are illegal, said Pettyjohn, yet a smokescreen of misdirection has been effective in swaying legislators and an undiscerning public away from the original crime. Illegal immigration takes a back seat to what should rightfully be a secondary concern — a heavily-promoted and ironic “lack of trust” between illegals and law enforcement that may prevent those breaking our laws from reporting other crimes.

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