DHS Chief Met Twice as Often With Amnesty Backers While Crafting Obama’s Executive Actions

WEASHINGTON TIMES — As he was crafting President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson met repeatedly with lawmakers, advocacy groups and lawyers pushing for him to go as broad as possible in granting a deportation amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Mr. Johnson’s official calendars, obtained under an open records request by the Federation for American Immigration Reform and shown to The Washington Times, show that Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez of Illinois and fellow Democrats in Congress got about twice as many meetings as Republicans, and outside lobbying groups who supported the amnesty were repeatedly welcomed.

But groups on the other side of the debate struggled to get Mr. Johnson’s ear. They said they had to resort to pressure from Congress to get an invite to the two meetings they arranged. One group, the labor union representing Border Patrol agents, says it still has not met with the secretary despite repeated requests.

Mr. Johnson’s calendars also show he devoted more meeting time in Washington to preparing for Mr. Obama’s amnesty than he did to handling the spike of illegal immigrants from Central America. The surge across the border in 2014 exposed massive holes in U.S. immigration policy.


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