DREAMers Getting Millions in Taxpayer-Funded Loans to Attend Univ of California

TRUTH REVOLT — On Wednesday, University of California President Janet Napolitano announced new support for “undocumented” students that will fund their education over the next three years – and “documented” taxpayers, naturally, will be footing the bill.

“We are committed to continuing a path forward for undocumented students at the University of California,” the former secretary of Homeland Security said. “This funding will further strengthen the university’s undocumented student initiative, and help ensure that these students receive the support and resources they need to succeed.”

According to a press release, over $8 million will be earmarked through the 2018-19 academic year for “undocumented” students across UC’s 10 campuses. Five million dollars will be available per year for the next year under UC’s DREAM Loan Program, which offers student loans for those DREAMers who are not eligible for federal aid. Under this program, students “repay their loans back into the DREAM Loan fund.”

Financial support for textbooks, fellowships, and student services staff will receive $2.5 million per year. UC’s Undocumented Legal Services Center is scheduled to receive $900,000 per year.

Napolitano started the Undocumented Students Initiative just after she became UC president in the fall of 2013, according to the release. Her efforts are praised by UC Board of Regents Chairman Monica Lozano:

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