Emerging From 50 Years ‘In the Shadows,’ Illegal Alien Identity Thief

CAPS — Living in the shadows for 50 years has to be tough. At some point during a half-century, trips to the supermarket, the clinic or a simple walk in the fresh air are unavoidable. But 69-year-old illegal alien Rene Ortiz Quintana defied the odds, which shifted in his favor once federal immigration authorities stopped looking for him, or any other illegal immigrant, and after he stole the identity of Ruben Gallardo, a deceased military veteran.

Gallardo died in 1994, and according to an ABC News report, Quintana, who lived in the U.S. “for about 50 years,” assumed the veteran’s identity in 2012. During the four years since Quintana became Gallardo, he collected Social Security, VA, federal, state and local benefits that totaled about $30,000.

Identity fraud is one of illegal immigration’s most widespread, but underreported crimes. Stealing a Social Security number is a felony, and can lead to destroyed credit of the unsuspecting target. Watch an illegal immigrant, identified as “Guillermo,” explain here that he stole a child’s identity so he could “work” and “eat.” Children are prime targets for thieves like Guillermo. An estimated 10 percent of child identities have been stolen.

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