EU, US Border “Enforcement” Now a Magnet for Immivaders

VDARE by PATRICK CLEBURNE– When a Country’s Border Enforcement operations are controlled by the Treason Lobby, they apparently can be turned into Immigration Facilitation Services.

On Friday the usually-fruitful Daily Mail “immigration” search delivered How Navy patrols in the Mediterranean became a ‘migrant magnet’ because refugees know they will get safe passage to Europe By John Stevens 27 May 2016.

The massive EU operation to rescue migrants has effectively become a ferry service across the Mediterranean, it emerged yesterday.

Smugglers are setting off from the North African coast in boats with only enough fuel to get them into international waters.

They then telephone rescuers asking for help, knowing they will be picked up by EU ships that will take them the rest of the way to Italy.

( emphasis)

This was followed up on Monday by Navy warship on standby to patrol the English Channel: HMS Sutherland could be tasked with picking up migrants attempting to cross before dropping them in Britain By Larisa Brown 30 May 2016


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