Even Somalis Know the Mexico Border Is a Sieve

VDARE — It doesn’t bode well for America’s national security when even a backward Somali can figure out that the southern border is a practically a welcome mat for an ambitious jihad gangster. That was the upshot of a recent story from Minnesota where some of the local Somalis are charged with partnering with ISIS to smuggle jihadists through welcoming Mexico north to attack the hated American infidels.

Tucker Carlson and Ralph Peters discussed the case a couple days ago:

TUCKER CARLSON: Four Minnesota residents from a local Somalian community outside Minneapolis will be on trial next month for conspiring with ISIS plotting to carry out possible attacks here in the US. According to federal prosecutors, one of those accused terrorists, Gulec Ali Omar, even conceived a plan to route foreign fighters across the US-Mexican border. All this comes as FBI director James Comey warned of a possible Brussels-style attack in America within the next two years. Watch this:

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