Faux War Hero McCain Continues Push for Amnesty

FNL — Tucson – Arizona’s Republican Sen. John McCain does not dismiss the possibility that in 2017 the Senate will will again move forward with the immigration reform bill that in 2013 was left bogged down in the lower house with its conservative majority.

“Sooner or later, depending on the results of the election, we’ll have to take up that subject again,” McCain, whose popularity has declined and who faces a hard time getting reelected, told EFE in an interview.

“You’ve seen what I have done,” the war veteran said about how he helped get “the immigration plan passed that the eight of us put together in the Senate.”

In 2013, eight senators from both parties, including McCain, got an immigration reform bill passed that subsequently went nowhere in the House of Representatives, because then-Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, refused to bring it to a vote.

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