Hillary’s Immigration Radicalism

She Sticks Close To Obama On Most Issues,
But Criticizes Him From The Left On This Issue

LIFEZETTE — This week, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s criticism of plans to round up Central American women and children who crossed into the U.S. highlights once again that on this issue, she would outflank President Obama to the left.

Responding to reports that U.S. immigration officials are planning a series of raids this month and the next to deport hundreds of people, Clinton issued a statement reiterating that she opposes “large-scale raids that tear families apart and sow fear in communities” across the country.

“I am concerned about recent news reports, and believe we should not be taking kids and families from their homes in the middle of the night,” she said in the statement. “Large-scale raids are not productive and do not reflect who we are as a country.”

Clinton has worked strenuously during her primary campaign against Sen. Bernie Sanders to associate herself with Obama, who remains popular among Democratic Party primary voters. She has described herself as the candidate best positioned to carry on his legacy, and has blasted Sanders as disloyal for criticisms that the president is insufficiently progressive.

Not on immigration, however.

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