Illegals Released From Detention Get FREE Cellphones Instead of Ankle Monitors

FOX NEWS LATINO — A contractor who runs private detention centers for the federal government is providing free cell phones to some immigrant families upon their release from Texas detention centers so that they can reach people working on their case as well as relatives they plan to reunite with in the United States.

Immigration officials say the phones, provided by GEO Care, also make it easier for them to ensure that the immigrants show up to court for a resolution to their cases, according to the Los Angeles Times. They said the recipients selected are considered unlikely flight risks and not a danger to society, adding the phones are a more welcome alternative for immigrants than ankle monitors.

But some are critical of the $11-million contract, which so far has issued 25 smartphones Galaxy 4.

Some advocates for immigrants are skeptical, wondering if immigration officials will use the phone to monitor movements and listen to conversations.

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