LAPD Chief Beck Illegal Immigrants’ Ally

CAPS — After the murder/suicide shooting on June 1 at UCLA, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck updated reporters from the locked-down campus about the ongoing investigation. Seeing Beck, the personification of an authority figure, I was reminded of what an ally to illegal immigrants he’s been since he became chief.

And when a Los Angeles friend who closely follows Californians for Population Stabilization, and related immigration news, told me she “had no idea” about Beck’s pro-immigration history, I decided others may need a refresher course too.

Beck is somebody Angelenos should be able to count on to help enforce immigration law. Beck’s father, wife and sister, along with Beck’s two sons and his son-in-law, have been police officers. He grew up in, and lives in, an environment where obeying the law is a basic essential.

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