Mexico-Tierra Blanca, Veracruz: Youths Were Murdered at Ranch

MEXICO VOICES — CNN: The five young people who were disappeared in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz, on January 11 by state police agents were killed on a ranch known as El Limon [The Lime], Roberto Campa, Undersecretary of Human Rights of the Secretariart of Government Relations, said on Tuesday in an interview with Radio Formula.

Campa met Monday with relatives of the victims, to whom he reported the arrest of an eighth policeman, Rubén Pérez Andrade, involved in the disappearance of the young people and their delivery to members of organized crime, the official added.

“It was a very tough meeting because the (eighth) arrested policeman was present at key moments: in the arrest of the young people, in moving them away from the surveillance cameras; at a third point where they interrogated the young people, then at their transfer to the El Limon ranch where they were again questioned and where they deprived them of life and he also witnessed the process of the disappearance of the bodies. So they were very complex, very hard sessions,” he said.

Regarding the statement of the latest detainee, he said that this has provided technical information for the confirmation of the investigation (fingerprints, information from cell phones and videos), because the others involved have not said anything about it and now they have more details about the removal of the five young people. They are Bernardo Benitez Arroniz (25 years), Jose Benitez de la O (24 years), Susana Tapia Garibo (16 years), Mario Arturo Orozco Sánchez (27 years) and Alfredo Gonzalez Diaz (25 years).

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