Mr. Clooney, Would You Be Willing to Welcome Refugees Into Your Home?

CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES — Actor George Clooney’s political and humanitarian activism is no secret. He has fought for numerous causes throughout the years, whether for Darfur, Haiti, or gay marriage.

His new commitment focuses on the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and the plight of millions of Syrian refugees. This past Friday, Clooney and wife Amal (a human rights lawyer and activist) met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss this very issue.

Clooney recounted his meeting in an exclusive interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro (my translation):

I met Angela Merkel in the presence of David Miliband, the president of IRC (International Rescue Committee), with whom I have been working for years. My wife and I wanted to meet with Chancellor Merkel because Germany plays a determining role in the refugee crisis, with a great sense of responsibility. Other countries are far behind, including mine, the United States. We only welcome 10,000 refugees per year; this is a shame. Our aid is insufficient.

When asked by the French journalist “Would you be willing to welcome refugees into your home?”, Clooney replied:

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