New Mexico Legislature Sends Gov. Martinez Illegal Alien ID Bill

FOX NEWS LATINO — The New Mexico legislature has approved a bill that would require immigrants in the country illegally to submit fingerprints before getting new driving authorization cards. Those fingerprints would be given to the FBI for background checks.

Immigrants in the country illegally who currently have New Mexico driver’s licenses, meanwhile, can skip the fingerprinting requirement.

The bill is expected to be approved by Gov. Susana Martinez.

New Mexico’s House of Representatives voted 65-1 on Monday to approve a Senate bill and send it to Martinez, who has praised the legislation.

All state residents could apply for licenses compliant with federal REAL ID requirements or just authorization cards. The REAL ID Act requires proof of legal U.S. residency for those who want to use state identification to access certain areas of federal facilities. After the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced last year that New Mexico wouldn’t get an extension from the tougher requirements, some military installations, such as White Sands Missile Range, stopped accepting state driver’s licenses for entrance.

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