Obama Exploits Orlando Terror to Push Amnesty

FOX NEWS LATINO — Among the many services a Latino coalition of non-profit groups offered to the families of the victims of the Orlando Massacre is assistance to those who may be undocumented immigrants.

There are currently at least three undocumented immigrants who are among the victims, two of whom are recovering in the hospital and another who was killed in the attack.

The Hispanic Federation is leading a Hispanic coalition of non-profit organizations called Somos Orlando designed to help the particular needs of Latino victims; an overwhelming majority of the 49 victims from Sunday’s attack are Hispanic.

Zoe Colon, the Director of Florida and Southeast Operations for the Hispanic Federation, told Fox News Latino that at the heart of the problem for these particular victims’ families is fear of deportation.

“There are families that are not comfortable talking to authorities,” Colon said. “There has been a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric. It is not a safe space in people’s minds that they are OK. We have to make sure that they know that they have rights and laws that protect them if they are victims of a crime.”

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