On College Admission, Military Recruitment, and Illegal Aliens

CIS — Bastion of truth and rectitude Politifact recently assessed a statement by Wisconsin state representative Dale Kooyenga: “Today it is more difficult to enlist in the U.S. military than it is to enroll in college.”

The Politifactors rated it “half true”, apparently because the phrasing was too categorical for their liking, since, in their words, “There isn’t definitive evidence to prove the claim given that it mixes apples and oranges: The military and college are different pursuits with different sets of minimum standards for getting in, and among colleges, the entrance requirements vary widely.”

And yet, also in their words, “[T]here are credible estimates saying that roughly 75 percent of young adults in America wouldn’t be eligible to enlist if they tried, while roughly two out of three high school graduates go on to a two- or four-year college.” So Kooyenga pretty much nailed it.

Politifact’s researchers and analysts seem like close kin to the arbiters at Facebook, who were recently outed for suppressing conservative views, in that they consistently measure what they perceive of as “conservative” statements with a fine tooth comb, whereas they equally consistently make allowances in pushing the meter to “true” for all but the most absurd pearls uttered by liberals and progressives.

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