Orders of Deportation (Removal) = Orders of Protection for Americans

Californians for Population Stabilization
February 3, 2016

Time and again the open borders anarchists complain bitterly that deporting illegal aliens, including those with criminal histories, rips families apart. They equate the enforcement of our immigration laws with a lack of compassion and fairness.

It is time to lay waste to these false and misleading claims.

First of all, if illegal aliens could not enter the United States in the first place, the millions of illegal aliens present in the U.S. would still be with their families – back home. Enticing desperate people to enter the U.S. so that they can be exploited is not a demonstration of compassion. Flooding the labor pool to drive down wages – of citizens, lawful immigrants and illegal aliens alike – is not a demonstration of fairness.

Every year people are killed and assaulted by their own family members. In an effort to protect themselves and other family members from the violence of those closest to them, many victims of domestic abuse and violence seek “orders of protection” ordering the violent relative to stay away from his/her family. In a very real sense, orders of protection intentionally split up families, but for good reason.

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