Orlando Shooter Employed by DHS Contractor That Transports Illegal Immigrants Into the Interior

CAPS — Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen worked for the U.S. subsidiary of security solutions giant G4S that the Department of Homeland Security contracted to transport illegal immigrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to the interior. G4S, headquartered in Juniper, Fla., operates in 100 countries and employs 610,000. Some speculate that Mateen’s status as a G4S employee who presumably passed background checks may mean that ISIS has infiltrated DHS.

Ironically, the vulnerabilities of two of President Obama’s pet projects, resettling refugees and opening the border, surfaced in the Orlando slaughter. Mateen, American-born to Afghan immigrants, massacred 49 and wounded another 53 at a Florida gay night club. Obama has committed to resettling thousands more Middle Eastern Muslim refugees by the end of fiscal 2016, and has slashed the vetting period for new arrivals from approximately 18 to 24 months to just three.

Judicial Watch exposed the catch and release of 35 other than Mexican (OTM) aliens at the border and confirmed that G4S moved them to Phoenix via Tucson where they were released without processing and without orders to appear in immigration court at a later date. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske insisted that OTMs aren’t being released, and said: “I would not stand by if the Border Patrol was — releasing people without going through all of the formalities.” But JW eyewitness accounts and photographs taken at the scene provide ample evidence that the reports are true, and that Kerlikowske is trying to deceive Americans.

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