Pope Francis in Mexico: The Disappointing Visit

PROCESO — With expectations too high in various critical sectors of a society irritated by corruption, impunity, violence and official criminalization, Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico is going into its fourth day and has not shaken things up as hoped, nor has he given the authentic “note” or message worth remembering as a Catholic priest who professes to be a substantial, not only verbal, difference from his predecessors.

In Mexico, he has not lived up to his fame as a humble Pope and a priest critical of the powerful, other that with general phrases condeming corruption, pharisees, the culture of death and violence and the temptations of wealth, vanity and pride. But he did not hit on the country’s concrete problems.

Perhaps the most complete action Francis took was in San Cristóbal de las Casas, where he authorized liturgical ceremonies in indigenous languages and paid a brief and symbolic tribute to the “Red Bishop” Don Samuel Ruiz, condemned and persecuted by the hierarchy, including leading cardinals like Norberto Rivera [Archbishop of Mexico City] who accompanied Bergoglio.

In Ecatepec [State of Mexico, adjacent to Mexico City], he evaded mentioning the subject of femicides and the gender alerts in this region punished by poverty, voracious patronage and organized crime. In Michoacán, not even with the slightest did he condemned the legacy of the discredit of Marcial Maciel and his Legion of Christ [priest exposed as having sexually abused young boys recruited into his organization]. He said much less about the unjust arrest of sel-defense leaders like the doctor José Manuel Mireles, who had the support of various priests.

On the fourth day of his visit, Pope Francis has not met with the victims of clergy sex abuse, nor with the families of the 43 Ayotzinapa students, nor with organizations dedicated to fighting trafficking, nor against the abuse of migrants – two of the themes that concerned him most during his stint as Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

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